A unique pair of telescopes was oriented towards the star Vega, specifically the orientation for the pair of matter stars Epsilon Alpha and Epsilon Beta near Vega, where scientists discovered antimatter galaxies, asteroids and cosmic rays. Using the Santilli Telescope and a Galileo telescope, Dr. Ruggero Santilli of Thunder Energies Corporation ( OTCQB:TNRG ), along with his team of scientists, was able to capture the first detections of antimatter galaxies, cosmic rays and asteroids in the history of mankind.

“The Santilli Telescope will pull back the curtain of the heavens, thus enabling amateur astronomers to photograph for the first time visual evidences of antimatter galaxies,” said Thunder Energies President and COO Dr George Gaines. “Discovery has always been a motivating factor in amateur astronomy, and with the Santilli Telescope, discovery can happen.”

Groundbreaking instrument

Thunder Energies is one of the industry leaders in breakthrough technological equipment. Its revolutionary product, the Santilli telescope, has been the main instrument for the detections of antimatter objects in space. The Santilli Telescope holds the record for being world’s first truly new telescope since Galileo times. It is the first ever telescope with concave lenses and the first telescope to provide a systematic search of antimatter galaxies .

Around 10 and 11 pm of November 7, 2013, the Santilli telescope was placed at the Gulf Anclote Park, Holiday, Florida with coordinates of 28.193 for latitude and -82.786 for longitude. The images detected by the telescope showed anomalous streaks and circles that were absent in pictures of the same region of the sky from a Galileo telescope, thus suggesting antimatter as their origination. Their main common feature was that they were streaks and circles of darkness, rather than light.


The detections were presented in a paper by Santilli, and were independently confirmed by prominent institutions and scientists. The discovery supports the theory that antimatter has the negative energy of light, as predicted by the isodual theory of antimatter.

Revolutionary company

Outer space discoveries, especially, that of the antimatter will change the face of the future. The production of antimatter has always been an endeavour worth hundreds of millions of dollars and massive amounts of energy for low to medium success rate. The Santilli telescope and its discoveries can lead to harnessing the energy produced by the annihilation that occurs when matter and antimatter meet.


Thunder Energies Corporation has not just been for the production, sale and services of new technologies, but also for the availability of these to interested amateur and professional astronomers alike. The company’s Division of Optical Equipment (DOE) has accelerated the production of the Santilli Telescope for the global market.

In line with the campaign for widespread availability, the company is also targeting distributors inside and outside the United States. Alongside its DOE, the Division of Nuclear Instrument (DNI) and the Division of Combustion Equipment (DCE) are also making progress, such as DCE’s new combustion of coal and other fossil fuels with no combustible contaminants in the exhaust.

With no carbon monoxide, no hydrocarbon, and no combustible dust produced, this new method of coal combustion should interest many companies and countries, furthering the expansion and availability of Thunder Energies Corporation’s technology.